Classic Japanese Motorcycles

From The 1970's

Classic bikes

Welcome to my Japanese Vintage Bike area. I have a passion for motorcycles of the seventies especially of Japanese manufacture. I now have a small collection of bikes of the era limited only by space, they are mostly bikes I wanted or had at the time or are rare and interesting such as the Suzuki RE5.

As a teenager in the seventies my first ride on a bike was on a Honda C70 (bought by my mother, who you could say introduced me to the pleasures of traveling on two wheels without having to rotate the limbs) to which I immediately bit the bug and within weeks of my sixteenth birthday I was a proud owner of yes you guessed it - A Yamaha FS1E, in my opinion the bike that defined the seventies, do you remember hoards of these things buzzing around your local high street ridden by spotty faced youths clad in Levi flared jeans flapping in the wind, I do, I was one of them. Not in my collection as of yet but will hopefully add one when prices come down to a more reasonable level, £3000 plus for a mint one is a bit much (a concourse popsicle purple specimin went for 6K recently), I'm sure prices will soften soon. I was eight stone at the age of 16 and could only squeeze 45 mph flat out, now my weight is nearer 15 stone I doubt whether the thing could even pull the skin off a rice pudding, oh the ravages of time.

Below are the bikes I currently own or have recently sold, they are all in excellent to concourse condition as I'm always tinkering with the things. The most important thing is originality, this can be quite difficult to achieve at times but searching the Internet for parts has become another pastime.